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Chelsea's 2nd Chance 

Senior Hospice Program

An amazing woman named Jodi dedicated her life to saving senior animals from dying alone in the shelters. She continued to do this even as she struggled through her own battle with cancer. This woman was a great inspiration and we, as a legacy rescue, will have a senior hospice program in honor of Jodi. 

We would like to name our hospice program after Jodi's rescue, Chelsea's 2nd Chance. In this program we will bring seniors from shelters into homes to live out their last days full of comfort and love. 

The dog that will be seen as the face of this program is named Winnie. She is one of the many senior dogs that Jodi saved. Winnie was later adopted by our current rescue president, Jordan Lowe. 


Jodi's Story

This video is the last thing she recorded before she passed away. 

Winnie's Story

"So I was an animal control officer and I got a call about a small dog dumped in the snow at an abandoned house.  I showed up and there’s Winnie freezing her but off! I picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket, and sent Jodi a picture of Winnie … she texted me back and said “damn it…. I’m on my way” she had just sat down at a restaurant with her girlfriend. They hadn't even ordered their food. She left and met me at the shelter so Winnie didn’t have to step foot in the shelter doors."

-Jordan Lowe

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