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Man's Best Friends

Interested in Fostering?

When you foster with Semper Fi Legacy Rescue all of the needs are provided. You just love and care for your foster while they search for their furever home! 

If you are able, please consider being a foster for our Senior Hospice Program. We believe that the shelter is no place for an animal to live out their last days.

Please take some time to fill out our foster application and we will contact you as soon as we can to help find the right foster animal for you. 

Senior Hospice Program

Our senior hospice program is an important part of our foster program. With this program we are striving to eliminate the occurrence of senior animals dying in the shelter. Many times seniors find themselves in the shelter when their loving family of many years can no longer keep up with their growing needs and vet bills that come with growing old.

We want to help provide financial support so that families are able to keep their beloved pet that is well past their prime. If that is not an option we hope to find a foster home for these senior animals. The kind people that welcome a senior into their home will not need to worry about the cost of vet bills, Semper Fi Legacy Rescue will help take care of that. The foster just need to love and take care of the animal's day to day needs. 

Realistically fostering a senior is a lot of work. A senior animal will likely need a lot of time, attention and patience. The foster may need to frequently take the animal to the vet. If this becomes a large burden and transportation aid is needed, the rescue will find volunteers to help with that. Caring for a senior animal does not fit into everyone's life. We hope that by lightening the load, by covering vet bills and helping in any other way we can, we could help encourage more people to give these senior animals a comfortable and love filled end to their lives. 

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