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Meet Duchess! Our new Semper Fi Legacy Rescue family member!

She is a 3-4 year old, female Belgian Malinois. In October of 2022. She was found as a stray and had obviously just had a litter of puppies and been abused prior to being found. She was adopted but, due to recent interactions with her owners' other dog, is looking for a new home.

She is very smart and knows a ton of tricks she very much enjoys walks and car rides, she loves  learning and needs someone who will continue her training unfortunately she gets very jealous and needs to be an only dog!! 

She is a gentle and extremely sweet dog who thrives on individual attention and affection from her human. 

More details about Duchess from her owner:

Duchess gets very jealous of the other dog (3-year-old male golden retriever) and has had a couple incidents of aggression towards him. Duchess is a great dog, but she needs to be the only dog in her household so that she doesn't have to compete with another dog for attention. She is a gentle and extremely sweet dog that thrives on individual attention and affection from her human. She loves people, and has shown zero aggression issues during stressful situations such as going to the vet. At her last vet appointment, she won everyone over by giving every person she met her paw. She has not been around many kids, but the ones that she did interact with she just wanted to lick them. She is not good with cats.

She excels at basic obedience and knows the commands: sit, down, paw, pretty (sit upright), stay (release phrase “you’re free”), place, heel, crate, come, drop it, leave it, and she is house- and crate-trained. Through training, she is now mostly neutral to new dogs unless they react to her first. She is e-collar trained, but she responds to commands both with and without her e-collar.

She is a counter surfer. If no food is to be found, she is great being left alone and just sleeps on her bed. She doesn't chew or destroy things.  Duchess willingly crates herself in the morning because she knows the routine. When she is out of the crate, she is playful and quiet in the house. She loves spending time in the backyard and will spend all day admiring her backyard with quick breaks to come inside to check on her person. She has never tried to escape the backyard and does not usually dig.

She is looking for her furever home! So, if Duchess seems like a good fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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