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Zeke & Kevin

Zeke and Kevin are two sweet boys in need of someone willing to foster them while their Dad is deployed.

If you can help watch these sweet boys, please reach out to us! They will need someone to watch them starting in September and could last until August 2024.

(Zeke in Green Collar & Kevin in Red Collar) Both are crate trained and do well riding in vehicles. Kevin likes to leave slobber artwork on vehicle windows and doors.

Zeke is around 10 years old but still has plenty of energy.

- Very dog and people friendly.

- Doesn't bark much.

- Loves water and will swim

- Fetch is life

- can be over bearing when he's excited

- will stare intently and put his head in your lap when he wants something

Zeke's Dad found him in March 2014, running through half frozen puddles in chattanooga. When he opened the car door and Zeke jumped in, they went home together.

Kevin is 1 or 2 with a ton of energy.

- very suspicious of strangers and new dogs. Friendly once he knows them, can be over bearing with his excitement

- Pretty vocal, still has a puppy bark sometimes.

- Doesn't like water, will actively resist cold hose water

- Slobbers a lot

- Loves squeaky toys

- mostly house trained, will pee/poop if left unattended when you leave the house, even if he just went to the bathroom. He gets upset at being left. Has to be crated.

Kevin's Dad saw him posted in a lost pet group on Facebook around September 2022, asking if he belonged to anyone. No one claimed him and Dad was looking for a buddy to keep Zeke company once his current senior dog passed.

He clearly is a great guy and cares very much for his dogs! Please help us to help him. 💞

If you would like more information or are willing to foster them, please reach out to us or fill out a foster application.

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