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We have got a lot to catch up on for this blog to be up to date. Hang on to your seats, we are going to be flying through our last couple months of activity in the next multiple posts!

Our first senior dog was Wesley! He had been brought into the shelter as a lost boy and was never claimed. We pulled him out and found a foster home. He had a sore on his leg and was limping.

We had our vet take a look at Wesley The dermatological infection on his back leg got treated with antibiotics. He has some bad arthritis (which is why he limps) and will need to be an anti-inflamitory meds for the rest of his life.

He loves to go on short walks. Due to the arthritis, he needs to not overdo it. He got blood work done and everything came back good.

Anytime someone walks up to him, he rolls over for belly rubs.

He came to us intact and because of his age the vet is not able to neuter him. That is ok tho. He will be furever part of our Semper Fi Legacy family as part of our Senior Hospice program.

He is looking for his furever foster hospice home. If you want a sweet old pup to sit on the porch with you and watch the squirrels, please contact us! (because he will be in our senior hospice program his furever foster home will need to be near us, in the Metro Atlanta area, so that he is close to our vet).

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