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We'll Miss You Winnie

Today was a difficult day. Winnie has gone over the rainbow bridge to join Jodi.

She was an incredibly sweet senior dog that will be sorely missed. She had been saved thanks to the efforts of Jordan (our rescue president) and Jodi, a great woman we strive to honor with our work in saving senior dogs.

Winnie's rescue story in the words of Jordan: "So I was an animal control officer and I got a call about a small dog dumped in the snow at an abandoned house. I showed up and there’s Winnie freezing her but off! I picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket, and sent Jodi a picture of Winnie … she texted me back and said “damn it…. I’m on my way” she had just sat down at a restaurant with her girlfriend. They hadn't even ordered their food. She left and met me at the shelter so Winnie didn’t have to step foot in the shelter doors."

Jordan ended up adopting Winnie and showed her a long life of love!

We have more about Winnie and Jodi on our Senior Hospice page.

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