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We were contacted about a severely emaciated dog in the shelter named Rupert. We instantly started looking for someone willing to foster him, so that we could pull him from the shelter.

We were so happy when someone stepped up to be his foster! We picked him up from the shelter as soon as we could!

We decided to rename him Ragnar. The name of a warrior! He obviously had to fight to stay alive.

Despite all he had been through, he remained a sweet soul! He quickly settled into his foster home.

He is on a vet prescribed diet to help him safely put on weight. It will take some time, but things look good for Ragnar.

He has been improving faster than we thought. He is scheduled to have weekly check ins with the vet. When he went in for his first check a week after we saved him he had already put on 20lbs!

We are so happy with his progress. He still has more weight to put on, but he has made amazing progress! His foster is such an angel and he is clearly so much happier!

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