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Princess Leia

This is going to be a long post. There is a lot that has happened with Princess Leia.

We were messaged about a pregnant dog in need and our amazing team jumped into action!

She was rescued on May 4th and therefore given the Star Wars inspired name, Princess Leia.

She was obviously HUGE and about to pop!

The ultrasound at our vet showed that Leia had an entire army growing inside her! The vet estimated that there were 9-11 puppies and that she would give birth in the next 7-14 days!

With the puppy due date fast approaching we wanted to get some maternity pictures of sweet Leia.

It's a good thing we took the pictures when we did because that night she gave birth to her puppies!

It was a long day for everyone involved. Towards the end, Mama Leia was getting tired and, Jordan had to help her deliver the last couple puppies. When all was done we had 11 puppies! We were very lucky to not lose any of them! All 11 puppies are happy and healthy!

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