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Oscar's Amputation


5pm Oscar had a successful surgery!

During x-rays and the exam before the surgery today the vet saw that he had a bruised lung and some other internal bruising.

It was likely from the same event(we don't know what happened to him) that caused his leg to be so damaged.

The poor guy has gone through a lot. So glad we found him.

He got to wear some cool sunglasses at the vet while they gave him laser therapy to help with his recovery. Now he just needs to rest and recover. 💞


7am Oscar is on his way to the vet for his surgery! Thank you again to everyone that helped fund it!


Our sweet little Oscar is scheduled for his leg amputation! A big thank you to the community that supported Mark and his Legacy! They donated enough to pay for Oscar's surgery and we are so grateful!


Oscar is a super sweet boy and settling in beautifully to his foster home. He is clearly happy to have comfort and love!


We just picked up this sweet boy today. He needs an amputation. We estimate that we will need $1,000-$1,500 for his surgery and recovery care. Please help us help this sweet pup. Like, Share, Donate. 🥰

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