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Octane's Bot Fly

Our adorable orange kitties, Octane and Diesel made a big mess in their enclosure and had to get a bath. During the bath a bot fly was found, hidden under the fluff, on Octane's forehead! We him capstar and then looked for a vet appointment.

The next morning both Octane and Diesel were taken into the vet. We wanted to make sure there were no other bot flies. Octane was the only one with a bot fly 🪱🤢. Poor guy!

The vet attempted to remove it, but was unsuccessful.

The next day we took him to a vet with bot fly experience. She was able to easily remove the bot fly. Luckily the capstar we had given him killed the bot fly.

The Two vet visits for the kitties has lead to nearly $300 in vet bills. 💸

A bot fly was definitely unexpected! It isn't very common for cats to get bot flies. With the location of this bot fly, we are very glad that we we found it. It could have definitely cause some permanent damage if it ever decided to venture to his eyes. His fluff did such a good job of hiding it, but the bath revealed it!

We are very grateful to the help we received from our friends in the rescue community.

If you are able to donate to help cover the medical costs, please Checkout our donation page.

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