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New Additions

We had a lot happen Saturday!

Bright and early traps and food were put out to try and catch the sisters of Diesel and Octane. It was a success! we got them and they are adorable!

A bot fly was discovered on Octane's head, so today he had a procedure to get it removed. That also was a success. He was very tired after but probably more comfortable now that there isn't a worm in his noggin! All the siblings got check to make sure no one else had something. Octane was just unlucky.

Then a couple of adorable puppies were picked up from animal control! Todd and Cash! (In the video we got their names mixed up. Oops! 😅)

Everyone is getting settled into their foster homes.

We can't do this without you. Everyone needs vetting, so please consider donating to help us prepare these guys for their furever homes!

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