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Update: Kimmer has been adopted!


We will cover all needs for this sweet boy. We just need a foster willing to do the work and show him love.

Senior lovers... Kimmer needs you.

This boy entered the Paulding shelter as a stray in rough shape. He was underweight and his skin in poor condition. The shelter vet got him started on meds for his skin. He is on a re-feeding schedule, and he is doing well on it. He is neutered. Doc thinks he is 10ish years old

It is a so sad to see this sweet senior dog linger at the shelter! He is very sweet and affectionate! He likes to give you kisses! He has a nice calm manner about him.

He met and was very interested in a cat. No aggression, but he was quite excited to see it. No issues walking by dogs!

Despite the condition he came in, this is the NICEST boy. He is spunky and has energy.

Please, someone step up for him so he can spend his remaining years in a forever home just sitting on the porch watching the squirrels! 🐿

If you have questions please reach out to us!

And if you can foster, please fill out our foster application!

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