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Help Jewel

Meet Jewel. We rescued her from the shelter mud June and placed her in a foster home. She was so scared that she wouldn't even walk and had to be carried to freedom. The first multiple days in her foster home she only wanted to be in her crate. We have been trying to get to settled. While in the backyard, she slipped her harness and is unable to be caught. She seems to be having a lot of fear and anxiety. We have been working with a trainer and our vet so that we can catch her. We need your help! We need someone with experience to be able to help socialize Jewel. Preferably someone with a dog or dogs to help teach her how to be a dog and interact with people. Please share so we can find someone to help us help Jewel.

We are located in the Metro Atlanta area. If you are able to help Jewel overcome her fear and learn how to be a dog, please fill out our foster application on our website.

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