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Meet Freddy!

This sweet old guy was pulled from Paulding County Animal Control and we are so happy that we found him. He was brought in as a stray and had clearly not been taken care of! He was severely matted! Thank you Katie Shipman for getting him shaved before we picked him up!

He is now in a foster home and getting lots of love. He had a yeast infection on his skin that had been hiding under all that matted fur. He clearly felt much better after a medicated bath!

He also has a missing eye. The socket is open, so it clearly hadn't been surgically removed. Jut fell out 😢 We are giving him medicated eye drops to help clear up the infection that the eye socket has.

He has an appointment with our vet to get his skin and eyes looked at! He will need a lot of tlc and any help would be greatly appreciated! Please go to our website to find a way to donate that works for you 💞

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