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Domino's Surgery

This is our sweet Domino. The poor guy just can't catch a break! When we first got him he was full of parasites. Got that fixed.

Then he came down with a cold. Almost got that all taken care of when the skin on the back of his legs started falling off!! Everyone else in his litter is doing great. It's just poor Domino that's got all the problems.

The vet determined that he needed surgery and will have a 2-3month recovery for his skin to grow back. They also took a sample of the infected skin to try and determine what the culprit could possibly be.

Despite all this Domino remains his vocal and affectionate self. He is putting on a very brave face! Any help towards his surgery and recovery would be greatly appreciated. We got quoted a little over $800 for his surgery. There will also be needs for ointments and bandaging for his 2 month recovery. If we have the funds we would love to give this sweet boy cold laser therapy to aid in his recovery.

Any help towards this sweet kitties care is greatly appreciated! 💖

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