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Hi peeps. This cutie pie is Chloe. She is a verified service dog who has primarily served as a companion dog for seniors. In the last year, she lost her original mom of 11 years when that mom had to go to assisted living without Chloe, and then lost her newest mom of one year when mom #2 passed away last week.

Chloe is estimated to be 12-13 years old and now needs a new person to be a companion to for the rest of her life. She needs stairs to get up onto sofas or the bed, eyes are looking a little cloudy, but other than that she seems to be in ok physical shape, although, understandably, she is a bit depressed right now. Chloe is due for vaccinations as she missed her annual check up and shots about the time that mom #2 went into the hospital 8 weeks ago.

If you know someone needing a sweet little companion, please reach out to us!

And if you're willing to foster, please fill out a foster application.

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