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Meet Loki! He is 7years old and his owner died recently, so he is in need of a foster or furever home. He is extremely loving, he thinks he is a lapdog. He plays frisbee, not best at returning to you. Loves to play w his toys. He is afraid of fireworks, gun shots and noises when power goes out. He has several commands he does well, he gets along with other dogs as long as they are part of the house. He is territorial and does not like stray dogs in yard. He is extremely friendly when you come home. He does bark at dogs and people walking down the street. I have started using a sound device and he responds well. He is definitely food oriented and responds to treats. He does not bark as much when has a bark collar. He likes showers but feels grooming is playtime. He does pretty well on walks but gets excited when he sees dogs and will pull. He feels his job is to protect the house. He does sit/lay when people come in the door but tends to want yo great them. He seems to do well with kids. He weights about 60 lbs. he eats anything to include salad, vegetables. Loves peanut butter and popcorn. He needs a fenced in area where he can run and play. Best part is his affection towards people. Worse is barking and protectiveness.

If you would like to foster Loki, please fill out our foster application.

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